Monday, April 18, 2016


SUMMER! Summer is my favorite season in the whole year. I love that in summer I don’t have to do homework! I love school but summer is a break (that we all need). During summer I love to go swimming with my friends (especially with diving boards). Also I like to go biking. Some of my favorite summer flowers are daisies, roses, tulips and orchard. Some of the places I like to go are the zoo, the butterfly garden, water parks and the shack. The Shack is a AMAZING pancake house that me and my family visit in the summer. Their pancakes are the best that I have ever had. The reason I really like summer is that it is a time to spend quality family and friend time! Enjoy the few weeks left of the school year because then…. Its summer!  

Made In The USA

Made in the USA. That’s not something you see a lot! Here there are a lot of clothing stores….a lot! Some of my favorite stores are, Target, Kohl's, Old Navy, Abercrombie & Fitch Nordstrom and UA (Under Armour). I don’t know if these stores are in any places other than the US but you see them a lot here. These are all kid stores (they carry kids clothes), I don’t know a lot of adult stores!

Here are some of the stores!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016





I chose these pictures because I love animals and I want to work with them when I get older. The dog with the butterfly picture because it is happy, the polar bear because it is funny, and the elephant because elephants are smart. I chose the dance pictures because I like to dance!


Birthday’s! I love birthday’s. My birthday is coming up soon, and I’m really excited! I love birthdays because I get to spend time with my family and I like eating cake! My favorite type of cake is chocolate with vanilla frosting. I do like carrot cake too! The best birthday present I have ever gotten was probably my Goldfish Goldie! I loved Goldie she was the best fish I could have ever asked for, she was a character! She loved food and she loved food! Birthdays are a good time to spend quality time with friends and family (that’s what they're all about!)  

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tourist Attractions

Tourists! Tourists love America because of all the tourist attractions! Some of the tourist attractions in America are Washington DC, Disney World, and the Grand Canyon. These attractions are all very attractive!!

Washington DC is a major tourist attraction (it is our nation’s capital!) People go there all the time to see all the monuments and museums. I even went on a school trip there for a whole week! It was amazing and the best trip I’ve ever been on!

Ahh Disney World… sweet, sweet Disney World! Disney World is probably the most visited place in America. In the theme park there are water rides, roller coasters, and souvenir shops!
The Grand Canyon is the most beautiful attraction in America. It is located in Arizona, and is a MASSIVE canyon that is absolutely beautiful!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


DANCE! Dancing is one of my favorite things to do. Like I said before I’m on two different competitive teams and that means lots of practicing! I probably am dancing at least 15 to 12 hours a week! Even though that I practice a lot I think that it’s worth getting on stage and performing. If any of you are thinking about starting dance I would really encourage it! Here are some of my favorite dance quotes:
  1. “Dancing is dreaming with your feet”
  2. “Once a dancer forever a dancer”
  3. “Dance is music made visible”
  4. “Dance first. Think later.”
PS These are all very true!

Thursday, March 17, 2016


These are all the blogs that I visited! They are really good you should check them out!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

That's All Folks

I choose this as my profile picture because come on……. It’s Daffy Duck! But I also chose it because I love the Looney Tunes Show and every time that it’s on I watch it with my dad! It is kind of a tradition and is really fun to watch! The Looney Tunes Show is also one of my favorite shows. THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Look into the inner makings of ME

Hello fellow bloggers! In this blog post you’ll get to know a little more about……. ME! First of all, I am on 2 different competitive dance teams (sort of like dance moms). Just last weekend I won platinum (it is the highest score you can get) and this weekend I have another competition.
Also, I love to run! Running just makes me feel alive, like your flying. I also love to be outside and hike, bike, rock climb and swim.
When I get older i want to open up my own dance studio, star on Broadway, be a photographer for national geographic and travel the world! The places I want to go to are Australia, Africa, France, London, Rio, Mexico and Nepal! I want to travel the world because I want to see what life is like in other parts of the world.


Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day

Not only is this February the month of love, it is also leap year! Leap year occurs every 4 years, it is where we get an extra day in February! This happens because there are 365 days in the year and it takes 365.2422 days for the Earth to orbit the sun. So to keep all of our clocks and calendars in time with the Earth they created leap day.
Leap day is in February because every month has 30 or 31 days in it except for February and August. But the creator of the calendar added one more day to August so that it would have the same amount of days as July. Then February was declared the official date for leap day.

If your birthday is on leap day then you don’t get one! No I’m just messing with you. If your birthday really is on leap day (the chances are very, very slim) then you get to choose which day you want it to be on. So if you were turning 40 years old this year then you would be celebrating your 10th birthday today!

Everything That I Love

Ahh February! The month of love. Do you want to know what I love? (I’m going to tell you anyway.) I love the OUTDOORS! Lately I have just been really excited to go outside. When I go outside I just feel this fresh breathe of air and it makes me realize how nice it is to go take in the sunlight.
When I go kayaking I just let back and relax! (unless that is if we are playing the wet shoe game! Ask me if you want to know how to play.) When I went kayaking over the summer (at avid4adventure) it was amazing. You can just reach down and touch the cool water as the sun is beating down on you, and look in the distance and see nothing but...water! My best friend AJ and I also learned that standing up on your kayak is just as much fun with just a little more at risk, so guess what we did!
Another thing that I love is hiking! Some people think that hiking is the most boring thing ever. But I extremely disagree. When you're hiking you have to take a look around and soak in your surroundings! If that doesn’t work then play a game! A really fun hiking game is the blindfold game. To play this game (you need a trusting friend, and a bandana) you put the blindfold on your friend when you get to the top of wherever you’re hiking and then guide them back down. Sounds easy enough right? NO not easy at all! First of all if you're like me you will be very careful so that you don’t run into poison ivy! If you’re like AJ then you just take off right away and hope for the best! It’s your call.
The other game that is really fun to play is camouflage. This is my all-time FAVORITE game!! You play the game by choosing one person to start, this person counts to 30 seconds while the other kids go hide (choose a very treey area). After the 30 seconds are over the person counting (while staying where they are) will try to find as many people as they can see. So if they can just barely see the sleeve of your orange t shirt they will say “person in the orange shirt” and then that person will be out. You keep doing this and each time you go down by 5 seconds (30,25,20,15,10,5) when you get down to 0 the person closest to the person counting wins and then they get to count. This is one way of playing it, the other way is that instead of counting to 0 whoever touches the person counting without being seen wins and then they become the counter. You can also combine the two.

I love being outside and I really encourage you to spend as much time outside as you do inside watching tv!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Local Love

In my last blog post I said that I would compare the same foods in Paris to the foods here, so in this blog post I will compare the caramel, baguettes, and chocolate to the ones from Paris!

Here the caramels are usually mixed with chocolate and not just pure caramel, (I personally think that pure caramel is really good!). Also caramel is used in drinks and for mints it’s all purpose caramel.
Next we will compare the baguettes and pastries! Here we don’t really have fancy baguettes but we do have pastries!   

The last food for today is chocolate!! We love chocolate here! Chocolate is used for so many things here like for coffee and for hot coco and so many more things.

Dream Desserts

I really do love candy! In my last blog post I explored the different types of candy there are in different parts of the world, in this blog we’re going to explore more types food in different parts of the world. I’ll also show you the difference in the foods that we eat here compared to the foods people eat other places!
Let’s start with Paris! It’s almost everyone's dream to go and visit Paris (I know it’s my dream) so let’s take a look at the food in the dream place! One of things that Paris is known for is there desserts!
Caramels are amazing in Paris “these little treats will forever change your life”. They are full of amazing texture and creamy butter. Jacques Genin and Patrick Roger are “the best” caramels (caramel makers) in Paris.
Another thing that is very popular in Paris is their pastries and baguettes. Baguettes with pointed ends in Paris means that they were hand made, those are the best!

The last thing from Paris for today is there CHOCOLATE! The chocolate in Paris is believed to be the best chocolate in the world, we can be the judge of that!    

Monday, February 1, 2016

Groundhogs Day!

Groundhog Day! This holiday is about a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil. Every year on the second day in February if  Punxsutawney Phil comes up from his burrough then it means that spring will come early. If he comes out and sees his shadow then it means that winter will continue for another 6 weeks. To celebrate this holiday festivals are held to watch and see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or comes out. The first official Groundhog Day was held in 1887. Our tradition quickly spread to other countries. In Germany they say the day is sunny only if Badgers and other animals come out and see their shadow.

Groundhogs are also known as woodchucks and are part of the squirrel and marmot family. They usually grow to be 25 inches long and are believed to live to be 10 years old in captivity. Punxsutawney Phil clearly broke this belief because he is supposed to be 125 years old according to the legend.
                                     Happy Groundhogs DAY!!


CANDY! Everyone loves candy (or at least I do)! We Americans are probably the country that love candy the most. But have you ever wondered what candy is like in other places? I know I have. Let’s start with our neighboring country, Canada……  

One candy bar I found interesting was the Coffee Crisp Chocolate Bar. These candy bars taste like coffee and chocolate combined, they are also described as airy, waferee and chocolaty.  

Another candy bar I thought was pretty cool was the Jersey Milk candy bar. This bar is made in Canada and is known as one of their most creamy candy bars. It contains creamy milk chocolate, it is very simple yet very creamy.

The last bar from Canada that I thought was worth sharing is Smarties. We often confuse this candy with our own Smarties, but they are very different! Smarties in Canada are colorful candies coated in chocolate. They dissolve in your mouth making them disappear from your box very quickly!
Another country that I have really been wondering about is England! I think their candy will be very different because  they are  much more elegant than we are so that could show up in their candy!

The first candie bar that got very high ratings in the UK was the Crunchie Bar. This bar has a honeycomb center that is surrounded by milk chocolate on the outside. This bar was made by Cadbury and can not be found in the US. 

One type of candy in England that I thought was kind of weird was the Jelly Babies eating a gummy in the shape of a baby doesn’t sound very appealing to me but they say that it is very yummy.
Another candie that is unique is the Nestle Aero. This is a chocolate bar filled with tiny mint flavored bubbles. This bar was originally introduced in North England and was so popular that it spread throughout the UK.
The last candy bar for today is (and I definitely saved the best for last!) Cadbury Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Shells. These candy bars are made of milk chocolate but they have something interesting inside them, jelly beans!

I hope you enjoyed our world traveling lesson! About chocolate of course!