Monday, December 14, 2015

What Book is that Hiding Behind a Cover

Hello fellow readers! My name is Mrs, Dewey the Librarian. I work at a very classy library with many books but for some reason my books are not getting checked out. So me and my fellow librarians came up with a plan to get more books checked out, we are all going to make our own book displays.
My group is in charge of the mystery section of the library. My own personal job is to be the director of design and to be the research librarian. By being the director of the design I get to have the final say on the design of the display, my group will also help me create the design but if there is something I don’t like on the final design I get the final say. For my second job as the research librarian I am in charge of researching the different books that I want to include in our book display.  
To make sure that our book display attracts people we have to market and advertise it. A good way to advertise it would be to tell my friends and family that there are really cool book displays in the library and that they need to come and check them out and our books! A good way to market our display would be to add lots of color and pizzazz! My group is going to make a body outline on the floor which will definitely attract a lot of people. We also wanted to have a catchphrase that will be in BIG letters.
I’m very excited about my groups idea! We decided to cover up the name of the books and everything else so that the only thing that they will see is the back cover of the book, Then once the people choose a book there will be a riddle on the book, the people will have to try and figure out which book they think is hiding behind a cover. If they guess right they will get some sort of food reward!
Thank you for tuning into my babbling on about my book display!
Mrs. Dewey the Librarian
 This is a book Christmas Tree

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Archeaoligist Museum

Hi there! Dr. Bones checking in after the museum exhibit. The exhibit went really well, a lot of people and the guests really liked our exhibit!
By doing this museum tour I have learned a lot about ancient civilizations. One thing that I learned is that every civilization needed to be close to a water source, like a ocean, river or a lake. If they weren’t close to a water source they wouldn’t have anything to drink. Another thing learned about ancient civilizations is that everyone needs to help.  If the moms and grandmas didn’t clean, knit and cook their family wouldn’t be successful.  If the men didn’t enforce rules and farm they wouldn’t have anything to eat.  Everyone had a role and if 1 person didn’t do their job, they probably wouldn't survive.  Third, every civilization expressed their culture.  They expressed their culture in ways they might not realize. Such as, their clothing, they food they eat, the way they speak and lots more ways.  These things were only a few of what every successful civilization needed to have!
I think that our group did the model really well!  I thought that all the hard work really paid off!  Also, the model was the most important part of our museum!  Our model was good because we split the roles up.  I had the cardboard, I put the grass on, I made the river and ocean and I made the hut.  My partner made the people and animals, the cave wall and the crops/farm.  
I wish that our group could have divided the jobs more evenly because some people did a lot of work while other people did not.  If our group added these changes I know that we would have been a much better group!
The thing I would change about my museum to make it better would be to make it flashy and to stand out more!  I would do this because the flash groups were the first exhibits guests would look at!  Also I would make better food samples because those were also the first exhibits guests stopped at!  Flashy and Food!  
I am so glad that our group got the chance to present in a museum! It was a great experience and it will make me a better archaeologist! Thanks!
            -Dr. Bones

Friday, November 20, 2015

A Sneak Peek Into A Museum

A Sneak Peek into a Museum
Hi! Didn’t see you there! I bring new information regarding the archaeology dig site. By the way this is Dr. Bones speaking. Now that we know that our pot came from an ancient civilization called Jerith. Jerith is on the coast of Australia in what is now known as Brisbane, Australia. The Jerithians live in wooden huts if they are very important people or if they’re wealthy but if they aren’t as important or if they are poor they live in the local cave. They eat bugs, rice, beans, seeds, stew and some wild animals. This information is just some of the many things that we’ve learned about Jerith!
The real reason I am babbling on about is the upcoming event about our new found civilization. We get the opportunity to share all about Jerith using a museum exhibit! In our exhibit we will tell the audience about where Jerith is located, what food they eat, the kinds of animals that live there, their religion and their culture. Also you will get to see real artifacts that came from Jerith. The best part of the exhibit will be our 3D model of Jerith. The funniest part of our exhibit will the interactive. You will get to dig out actual artifacts from Jerith, once you dig them out you will have to try to piece them together because none of the artifacts are whole. Currently we are working on the religion of Jerith.
Oops I’ve already said too much……if you want to learn more check back in with me after December 1. I hope you enjoyed my sneak peak into our museum tour! Thanks!
                                                        -Dr. Bones


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Location Suspicion

Hey there, me again! Just to clarify it’s Dr. Bones. I just got some REALLY exciting news regarding the dig! My group and I suspect that the ancient civilization was located on some sort of beach! We think this because the substance that all of the artifacts were found in was moist sand! We figured that the beach would be a perfect hypothesis for where the civilization was founded! Also to back up that research we found lot’s of colorful and dull sea shells. Check back in with me soon because I’m sure we will have new, innovative news!


Culture of Archeaology

Hi there! It’s Dr. Bones checking back in with new information about my dig site! So far we have found all the buried artifacts in our soil! But now we have started digging deeper into our soil by coming up with what we think every artifacts aspect of culture is. For the art aspect we think that the pot and the paint are part of that aspect. Also we think (of course) that the rice, beans, sunflower seeds and the squash seeds are part of the food aspect of culture. The next aspect of culture is currency because we think that they could have been used to trade with\ for money. Also we think that possessions could be a aspect of culture because we found sea shells and they could have been used to collect. All these aspects are very important to civilizations because you use them in your everyday life.
-Dr. Bones

Friday, October 30, 2015

I'm a Archaeologist

Art Fraud
Hi, my name is Dr. Bones! I have been digging at an archaeology site for 2 months now and my team has made tremendous progress. So far at the site we have found a decorative pot, beads, string and four types of food, ( rice, beans, sunflower seeds and squash seeds). We suspect that the artifacts were on the beach because we found traces of moist sand and seashells. Wish us luck for our new findings!

Dr. Bones over and out!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Taste Into The Life Of ME

A Taste Into the Life Of ME
I’m writing this blog because I want everyone to get a little taste into the life of ME!! I’m currently a STEM student in a STEM program! STEM means Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. I love being in the STEM program because I get to do a lot of team projects and experiments. It also challenges me to think outside the box! On the side note, my favorite subjects in school are writing and reading and math. My favorite football team is the Broncos and my favorite baseball teams are the Rockies and the Chicago Cubs! I love animals!! I want to be able to work with them and help them when I get older! I have a CRAZY yellow lab named Callie! I LOVE to dance!!!! I also like to hike, bike, run, and ski. YUM this tastes good!!!!!